Article dated: September 2, 1988
The Bluz Boys Hit the High Notes at the First of the Stadium’s Tailgate Parties.

By Sherry Lucas
Clarion-Ledger Staff Writer

They are on a mission from God.”That’s right. We are,” cool guy John Broderick intones from behind his pair of shades.

The Bluz Boys, of which Broderick is one, are the hand-picked, personally appointed touchdown band for the first ever, but definitely not the last ever, Great Mississippi Tailgate Party.

“How appropriate,” Broderick says. “Yeah. I mean - who else?” fellow Bluz Boy Michael Barranco asks the unanswerable.

Their 13-piece brassy band, including featured vocalist Patrice Moncell, will rip loose the R & B at 3 p.m. Saturday in the grassy grove at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, mere hours before the Ole Miss Rebels battle the Memphis State Tigers on the playing field.

The Ole Miss cheerleaders and Colonel Reb also will be on hand to pep up the masses until 5 p.m. Beer, soft drinks, peanuts, popcorn, nachos, and sandwiches will be on sale. Kickoff is at 6 p.m.

The group tailgate party is the good idea of stadium manager associate Joey Orr, “to pump a little excitement into these ball games.

The notion surfaced when Orr noticed about 600 LSU fans gathered at Farmers Market last season for a pre-game pep session. “I think it was a pretty poor state of affairs when the visiting team has something like this when we don’t,” he said.

Not to be outdone this year, he scheduled revelry - Mississippi style - for football games in Jackson.

“People are here anyway, they’re going to be tailgating, they’ll sit there for two or three hours. It’ll be nice to have something going on,” Orr said.

More Great Mississippi Tailgate Parties at the stadium this season will feature the Chill for Ole Miss vs. Florida September 10; the Tangents for Mississippi State vs. University of Southern Mississippi October 15; These days for Alcorn vs. Jackson State University November 19; and the Bluebeats Ole Miss v s. State November 26. The band for JSU vs. Mississippi Valley State September 24 will be announced later.

“People want to have fun at a ball game. This will just get everybody in the mood,” Orr said.

There may be a sideline benefit for the Bluz Boys as well.

“Do you think we’ll get a little respect?” Barranco asked Broderick.

“How do you spell that?” was the sly reply.

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